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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Zack Snyder Reveals Two Games He Wanted To See Made Into Movies

Writer-director Zack Snyder, known for movies like 300 and Batman v Superman, has listed off two major gaming franchises that he was interested in adapting for Hollywood. Speaking to IGN, Snyder started off by saying the Gears of War franchise has “always come up” in his circle.

“I was a fan of the game,” Snyder said. He also mentioned Halo, and how he was “always interested” in the series. Microsoft already produced a Halo TV show, which is coming back for a second season, and Snyder said he “always thought [Halo] was something that could be incredible” in live-action.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski responded to Snyder’s comments, posting on X/Twitter that he approves of Snyder as director, but only if Dave Bautista gets to play Marcus Fenix. Bautista, for what it’s worth, has been lobbying for years to play Fenix. As it happens, a Gears of War movie and an animated series are in the works at Netflix right now, but casting announcements have not been made.

Snyder is not the first director to be interested in making a Gears of War movie. Top Gun director Tony Scott was apparently very enthusiastic about making a Gears of War movie before he died in 2012.

As for Halo, The Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson was originally attached to produce a Halo movie from director Neill Blomkamp, but it fell apart. All was not lost, however, as Jackson and Blomkamp went on to make the cult classic District 9 together.

Snyder’s latest project is the two-part Netflix movie Rebel Moon. The movie bears many resemblances to Star Wars, and that’s because he originally pitched it as an R-rated Star Wars movie. A game based on Rebel Moon is also in development.

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