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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Uh-Oh, Kirby Ate A Nintendo Switch Controller

Kirby’s ability to inhale objects and enemies and absorb their characteristics is one of the strangest skills in all of gaming. Nintendo took this to new heights in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, allowing the lovable pink blob to turn into an airplane, car, and other bizarre objects. Now, it seems the Star Warrior is about to turn into a gamepad with the upcoming launch of the PowerA Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch (Kirby Edition).

Best of all, the controller matches Kirby’s bubblegum pink look. In the center of the controller is a tiny depiction of Kirby’s face that’s meant to replicate what he looks like in-game after eating an enemy. It’s clear the PowerA controller was very filling, and Kirby seems pretty embarrassed about eating your new Nintendo Switch controller.

Like most PowerA Switch products, this one is officially licensed by Nintendo–so you know it’ll work as intended and serve you well for a long time. It also comes with PowerA’s two-year limited warranty.

It doesn’t, however, offer HD rumble, an IR camera, motion controls, or Amiibo support. But considering it’s just $45 and has one of the coolest color schemes around, that seems like a fair tradeoff. Plus, the two programmable back buttons are nice bonuses.

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The Kirby controller launches on August 6, but it could prove to be a hot commodity–so get your preorders in while you can. If you don’t mind a wire, there’s another colorful Kirby controller on sale for $23 at Amazon right now.

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