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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Starfield – How To Romance Andreja

You might be asking yourself how to romance Andreja in Starfield. There’s a chance that she’ll be the last full-fledged companion to join your crew, since you only meet her during a quest called Into the Unknown. From there, you can have her tag along, as you gradually learn more about her past. Likewise, please be reminded that this article contains spoilers.

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Starfield Andreja romance and Divided Loyalties companion quest guide
    • How to romance Andreja: Likes and dislikes
    • Divided Loyalties quest
    • Jaeda and Tomisar
    • Concluding the Andreja romance

Starfield Andreja romance and Divided Loyalties companion quest guide

How to romance Andreja: Likes and dislikes

The Starfield Andreja romance requires you to boost her affinity while taking note of what she likes and dislikes:

  • Unlike your other well-mannered companions, Andreja has lived a rough life.
  • She does not shy away from a few underhanded tactics. In fact, she will sometimes relish brute force and intimidation.
  • However, it goes without saying that cruel actions against random innocents will still earn her ire.

Here are some notable examples:

  • In No Sudden Moves, you have to deal with Captain Petrov. You can intimidate him to give you the artifact, followed by a brash response once he surrenders. Andreja will like both actions.
  • At the end of Unearthed, you can pick two responses that are more in line with independence and striking out on your own. Andreja will like both as well. Conversely, if you second-guess yourself in Unearthed (as it relates to killing an NPC), Andreja will dislike it due to your own doubts and cowardice.
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As usual, pick the flirt reply whenever you see it.
As usual, pick the flirt reply whenever you see it.

Divided Loyalties quest

To continue with the Starfield Andreja romance, make sure you always pick the “flirt” option when it appears. You can also expect at least four unique conversations as her affinity increases. After the fourth segment, she tells you about her past as a Va’ruun operative sent to infiltrate Constellation. She’s had a change of heart, but she still wants to know what happened to her former friends. This begins the Starfield Divided Loyalties quest. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Go to the bar in Akila City and look for someone named Eren.
  • You’re told to go to Hyla II in the Hyla system. There, you’ll find Eren’s camp. It seems that Va’ruun cultists are also in the area.
  • Eliminate the hostiles and enter the building. On the second floor, you’ll find Eren’s slate. The Va’ruun Scripture 04 is also on the desk. It increases your sneak bonus and melee sneak attack damage.
  • Make your way to Chthonia in the Wolf system. Dock with the space station and ask about Jaeda.
  • That leads you to a planet called Anomaly in the Groombridge system.
Left: Andreja pays her respects to Eren; Right: Her old buddy, Jaeda, isn’t happy to see you.

Jaeda and Tomisar

Upon arriving over the skies of Anomaly, a ship called the Raptor will hail you. Tell Jaeda that Andreja is trying to make up for what happened and board the ship. Enter the cockpit and you’ll see Jaeda pointing a gun at both of you. You can use the Negotiation option or other responses to calm her down.

Afterward, you’ll go to Muphrid IV in the Muphrid system. Andreja will trigger a switch that reveals a hidden passageway. At the end of the corridor, you’ll meet Tomisar, the Va’ruun cultist and her former handler. Andreja wants to kill Tomisar, but you can convince her to let the Va’ruun Council deal with the mess instead.

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The creepy Tomisar used to be Andreja's handler when she obeyed the whims of the Great Serpent worshipers.
The creepy Tomisar used to be Andreja’s handler when she obeyed the whims of the Great Serpent worshipers.

Concluding the Andreja romance

After all these tasks, you’re ready to conclude the Starfield Andreja romance. Make your way back to The Lodge in New Atlantis and enter Andreja’s room. Have a chat with her and choose the following responses:

  • “Whatever happens next, we’ll face it together.”
  • “You don’t need House Va’ruun. You have a family in Constellation.”
  • The romance option will appear: “[Romance] I’ll always be here for you. I love you.”
  • Follow it up with: “I’m all yours for as long as you want me.”
  • Another unique conversation will occur shortly thereafter. You can pick: “[Commitment] I think it’s time we make it official.”
Well, don't friendzone Andreja. That would be preposterous!
Well, don’t friendzone Andreja. That would be preposterous!

That’s it: that’s everything you need to know about how to romance Andreja in Starfield. Don’t forget that you can cozy up with other companions, such as Sarah and Barrett. You can also learn about all potential recruits in our companions and crew members guide.

Starfield is a massive game with numerous planets to explore. For other tips and tactics, you can visit our guides hub.



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