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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Sony Delays Spider-Verse, Ghostbuster Sequel Release Dates

Sony Pictures has made significant changes to its 2023 and 2024 theatrical release schedule due to ongoing strikes. As reported by Deadline, the third Spider-Verse movie, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, has been delayed indefinitely. Other films affected include a second Ghostbusters with Paul Rudd and Kraven the Hunter. However, summer 2024 dates have been set for the next Bad Boys and third Venom movies.

An unnamed source revealed that the release of Beyond the Spider-Verse hinges on the strike duration. Additionally, the film They Listen, starring John Cho, has been taken off the schedule. Here’s an overview of the impacted films and their changes:

Revised Film Release Dates:

  • Gran Turismo (Columbia Pictures) – August 25, 2023, with nationwide sneak peeks on August 11 and August 18, 2023.
  • Madame Web (Columbia Pictures) – February 14, 2024, Valentine’s Day (moved back from February 16, 2024).
  • Untitled Ghostbusters Sequel (Columbia Pictures) – March 29, 2024, Easter weekend (moved back from December 20, 2023).
  • Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse (Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation) – To be confirmed (originally scheduled for March 29, 2024); the studio is considering various dates depending on the strike duration.
  • Kraven the Hunter (Columbia Pictures) – August 30, 2024, Labor Day weekend (moved up from October 6, 2023).
  • Karate Kid (Columbia Pictures) – December 13, 2024 (moved up from June 7, 2024).
  • They Listen (Columbia Pictures/Blumhouse) – To be confirmed (originally scheduled for August 30, 2024).

In the latest update on the Q3 and Q4 schedules, Gran Turismo, initially planned for August 11, will now have a sneak preview on August 18, with an official wide release on August 25. Sony/Marvel’s Madame Web moves up to Valentine’s Day, February 14, instead of Feb. 16. Kraven the Hunter, originally set for October 6, is now scheduled for August 30, 2024, Labor Day weekend. Meanwhile, The Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel moves to Easter weekend, March 29, 2024, and Ghostbusters takes over Spider-Man: Beyond the Spiderverse’s Easter weekend date.

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Additionally, the Karate Kid reboot moves from June 7, 2024, to Dec. 13, 2024. However, Blumhouse’s They Listen, previously set for August 30, 2024, is now temporarily without a release date.



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