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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Sideshow Fandom Rewind – Fantastic Deals On Pop Culture Collectibles

If you’ve been looking to add some collectible flair to your shelf or acquire some of the finest pop culture art available, then Sideshow’s Fandom Rewind event is the place to be. Running from August 16-18, Fandom Rewind has some big deals on a wide variety of collectible figures, statues, art prints, as well as free US shipping on select items. Fandom Rewind also includes Sideshow livestreams on YouTube, giveaways, and reveals of upcoming products. You can register to partake in the festivities for free by making a Sideshow account.

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In the sixth-scale figure department, you can save big on the eye-catching Neon Tech War Machine from Hot Toys, which slaps a sleek coat of glossy black paint on the heavily armed Iron Man armor and accentuates it with some terrific orange lines. It’s a tank of a figure, but one that has a commanding presence in any shelf. There’s also an excellent collectible pack for fans of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, as you can get both Batman and Superman in their dark future costumes for $416. This particular set gives a massive upgrade to Batman when compared to the original release, as he sports an improved coat, weathering effects, and subtle upgrades to his physique. Plus, you get a Superman rocking some gothic Kryptonian fashion.

This tank is one of the many items on sale.
This tank is one of the many items on sale.

For statues, there’s a great selection here that’ll look amazing on display. The Akuma Mad Demon statue adds some Satsui no Hado features to the iconic Street Fighter character, and is a massive quarter-scale replica of the god of rage. If you have plenty of space, you can grab a 1:3 scale statue of Marvel’s favorite mercenary Deadpool, and for steampunk fans, the Kotobukiya Industrial Empire Darth Vader statue is a fascinating clockwork twist on the Star Wars villain.

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These are all naturally pricey items even when they’re on sale–although Sideshow does offer payment plans–but for something more affordable and impressive, check out the wide selection of art prints on sale. These are produced by a number of professional artists, including Kris Anka, Jay Anacleto, J. Scott Campbell, and many more. These make for great gifts, and Sideshow is including a framing option for several of them. If you have a comic book fan in your life, art prints like this make for a terrific, thoughtful, and inexpensive gift.

Sixth-scale figures

  • RAH Neo Evangelion EVA13 collectible figure — $336 ($555)
  • Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV Holographic Edition — $330 (20% off with code DEAL20)
  • Hot Toys Knightmare Batman and Superman collectible set — $416 ($520)
  • Hot Toys Captain Marvel — $260 (15% off with code DISCOUNT15)
  • Hot Toys Neon Tech War Machine — $407 ($50 off with code DISCOUNT50)
  • Star Ace Modern Batman Deluxe Edition — $315 (10% off with code DISCOUNT10)


  • Street Fighter Akuma Mad Demon statue — $330 ($410)
  • Darth Vader Industrial Empire statue — $220 (15% off with code DISCOUNT15)
  • PCS Deadpool 1:3 scale statue — $1,024 ($1,200)
  • Scarlet Witch premium format figure — $454 ($605)
  • Transformers Shockwave statue — $220 (15% off with code DISCOUNT15)
  • Loki ArtFX statue — $190 (20% off with code DEAL20)
  • Stan Lee 1:4-scale statue — $805 (10% off with code DISCOUNT10)
  • Jujutsu Kaisen Satoru Gojo statue — $120 (20% off with code DEAL20)

Fine art prints

  • Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Volume 1 — $55 ($60)
  • Sideshow: Fine Art Prints Volume 2 — $55 ($60)
  • X-Men Cyclops — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Uncanny X-Men Cyclops and Jean Grey — $100 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Zatanna — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Venom: The Symbiote Stroll — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Marvel Comics #1000 — $150 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Thor: Breaker of Brimstone — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Batman: Detective Comics #985 Cover — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Justice League Trinity — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Captain America: Winter in America — $150 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Vampirella: Roses for the Dead — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)
  • Catwoman #7 cover — $95 (20% off with code PRNTDSC20)



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