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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Save Up To $250 On Arcade1Up Cabinets At Best Buy

Arcade August might not be an officially recognized holiday–yet–but you can celebrate a month that we definitely didn’t make up with a new selection of discounted Arcade1Up cabinets on sale at Best Buy. Right now you can save between $100-$250 on these arcade cabinets, each one being a faithful reproduction of the classic machines that gobbled up quarters in the golden age of arcades.

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Arcade1Up Deals

Arcade1Up stands
Arcade1Up stands
  • Pac-Mania Legacy Edition Arcade with riser, and lit marquee — $400 ($500)
  • X-Men Arcade with stool, riser, lit deck, and lit marquee — $500 ($750)
  • Mortal Kombat II countercade with lit marquee — $160 ($230)
  • Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition — $400 ($500)
  • Street Fighter II: Champion Turbo Legacy Edition with riser and lit marquee — $400 ($500)

Like other models in this line, Arcade1Up’s cabinets come with a variety cool features. For the multiplayer games, there’s built-in Wi-Fi for when you team up with another player across the globe, light-up marquees on select models, and even extra games on some of the more classic options available.

For example, the Mortal Kombat 30th Anniversary arcade cabinet comes with the original bloodthirsty game and several of its sequels, as well as other Midway games like Joust, Gauntlet, and more. The Pac-Mania Legacy Edition comes with several Pac-Man games, Galaga, Galaxian, Galaga ’88, Dig Dug, while the X-Men Arcade unit includes the titular game, Captain America and the Avengers, The Avengers in Galactic Storm, and a themed barstool.

If you want a Mortal Kombat cabinet but don’t want to spend $400, you can grab the Mortal Kombat II countercade for $160.

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The other big draw about these arcade stands is that they feature several period-specific design elements, like decorative coin slot doors, authentic decals, and arcade controls. You’ll need to make certain that you have enough space for them, but if you ever wanted to start your very own arcade, these will help you on the way.

Arcade1Up fans should also check out the new Wheel of Fortune cabinet, which is available to preorder now at Best Buy.

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