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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Remnant 2: How To Unlock Adventure Mode

Rest II offers a substantial amount of content in its core campaign, but those looking to revisit the biomes and explore additional areas will want to check out the Adventure mode. This mode allows you to roll back any completed biomes without affecting your campaign progress, making it ideal for farming upgrade materials, searching for new places and items, or leveling up archetypes. Here’s how to unlock Adventure mode.

How to play Adventure mode in Remnant II

Adventure Mode unlocks once you’ve completed your first entire biome–meaning you’ll need to defeat its final boss. You can only run Adventure mode for biomes you’ve completed, so you’ll need to continue through the campaign to unlock all biomes to play again.

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After unlocking Adventure mode, you can now return to the completed biome at any time without affecting your campaign. At the Ward 13 stone, just select World Settings at the bottom and then go back to Adventure mode on the next screen. Here you can select the biomes you want to review.

You can return to a new Adventure mode at any time, but it will erase your previous mode’s progress. Again, however, you can always return to your main campaign at any time by going back to World Settings and selecting it.

For more information, see how to respect your characteristics and all of our Rest 2 guides.

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