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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Project L, League Of Legends Fighting Game, Lets You Play 2v2 With Four Players

After lying dormant for seven months, Project L is back in the spotlight with a major update. Not only will the game be playable at Evo–the largest fighting game tournament in the world–next week, but it will show off one of its key modes: Duo Play.

Duo Play builds on Project L’s 2v2 match format with a simple concept: Instead of one player controlling both members of a team, Duo Play will allow two players to team up, with each one assigned to only one member of the team. This means that a two-player fighting game will now open up to four players in a Duo Play match.

Executive producer Tom Cannon hosted a new explainer video which goes over the new gameplay mode in detail, which includes a Fuse system for extra synergy. The video also shows raw gameplay with the full user interface–health bars, super meters, and more–for the first time ever. Along with the explainer video, Riot also released a video featuring a full match played by game developers.

The demo shown in the video will be playable on the show floor at Evo 2023 August 4-6. Players will be able to choose between four characters–Darius, Ahri, Ekko, and a fourth to be announced later. The only other League of Legends champion confirmed for the roster is Illaoi, who back in December was “30% complete” according to Cannon.

Project L is a free-to-play fighting game scheduled to release later this year, though Riot Games has not yet revealed what platforms it will appear on. The game is a 2v2 tag-based fighting game with a roster made up of champions from League of Legends.

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