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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Oppenheimer Has No Deleted Scenes

Christopher Nolan’s newest movie, Oppenheimer, is in theaters now and putting up big numbers. It’ll eventually be released on home video, but don’t expect any deleted scenes in the bonus features.

Cillian Murphy, who plays J. Robert Oppenheimer and has worked with Nolan on a number of other movies over the years, confirmed in an interview with Collider that Oppenheimer has no deleted scenes.

“There’s no deleted scenes in Chris Nolan movies. That’s why there are no DVD extras on his movies. Because the script is the movie. He’s not fiddling around with it, trying to change the story. [The script is] the movie,” Murphy said.

In 2012, Nolan told MTV that he tries to make his scripts as tight as possible because “it’s crazy expensive to shoot things that aren’t going to be in the film.”

“Pretty much with all my films, there are very few deleted scenes, which always disappoints the DVD crowd,” he said at the time (via IndieWire).

Also in the Collider interview, Murphy spoke about how Nolan works with actors and gives them the space and freedom to find what works best for a particular scene.

“Often we’ll just find it. We’ll be shooting, but we’ll be finding the scene. And he’ll let us experiment and explore stuff. Then he may come in, and kind of whisper very quietly in your ear, and generally the note is very precise and succinct and brief, but it can totally spin the performance. And that’s his genius,” Murphy said.

In other news, Nolan has said he does not like to have his actors use ADR. This is a creative choice that Nolan is sticking to, even if it means the dialogue in some of his movies can be difficult to hear.

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Oppenheimer cleared a major milestone this weekend, surpassing $500 million at the global box office.



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