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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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McDonalds Celebrates Upcoming Loki Season With Extremely Weird Meal Promo

In a move designed to make you wonder if you’ve entered a parallel universe, McDonald’s is rolling out the As Featured In Meal. According to a release, the campaign features a selection of fictional character-beloved menu items and the company’s cameos across pop culture on August 14 across 100+ countries for a limited time.

More specifically, the promo is tied to “McDonald’s having a special role in Marvel Studios’ upcoming Loki Season 2.” The God of Mischief will return to Disney+ with new episodes streaming starting October 6, and in advance of that, you can partake in Loki’s apparent favorite McDonald’s selections–warning, spoilers ahead–of “a Medium soft drink and the newly branded Sweet ‘N Sour Sauce.” There will also be a sneak peek at the season “via a themed AR experience on Snapchat” accessible via scanning the lids of sauces that will be available throughout the promotion. Yes, you just read a bunch of words actually in English.

Yes, this is food from McDonald's.
Yes, this is food from McDonald’s.

“The As Featured In Meal is our biggest Famous Order yet, celebrating the most memorable McDonald’s references across the world of entertainment,” Morgan Flatley, the global chief marketing officer and head of new business ventures at McDonald’s, said in a release.

Beyond the laser-targeted Loki homage, McDonald’s also is paying homage to TV fans who are “‘exceedingly fond of McNuggets of chicken’ like in the film I’m not Rappaport,” as well as those who “‘take pleasure in the details’ in life such as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese like Troy Dyer in Reality Bites,” or “enjoyed watching George Costanza’s date” remember that Big Macs exist.

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I’m going to go lie down now.



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