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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Madden 24’s Best Players Revealed (So Far)

Madden NFL 24 is less than a month away from release, so it’s time to start getting to know the top players in every position. Madden ratings week, as the league likes to call it, starts today with more ratings to be revealed as the week goes on. Every day we will be updating this post with new players revealed in each position, such as the best midfielder, backrunner, wide, finisher and defensive player in multiple positions. Check out all the ratings revealed so far below–for starters, we have the game’s first 99th OVR player, Justin Jefferson, as well as wide receivers and safes.

Table of contents [hide]

  • Best QB in Madden 24
  • Best RB in Madden 24
  • Best WRs in Madden 24
  • Best TE in Madden 24
  • The best defensive player in Madden 24
  • 99 . club
    • Justin Jefferson – WR

Best QB in Madden 24

A team rises and falls with its signal caller. That’s true in Madden and in real life. Once revealed, you’ll find the top 10 Madden 24 QBs here.

Best RB in Madden 24

They say running back has been devalued in the NFL, but that is less true in Madden, where they are still the big difference-makers. Check back soon for the best RBs in Madden 24.

Best WRs in Madden 24

We’re living in a golden age of extensive gameplay, with more elite talent than ever before. Madden 24’s best receiver has now been revealed, and it’s no surprise to see Justin Jefferson at the top of the list, as he’s also the first 99 OVR player to be revealed (as you can see below) .

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Best TE in Madden 24

TEs may be QB’s security blanket, but the best of them are game-changers in any context. The Madden 24 TE Top 10 will be revealed later this week.

The best defensive player in Madden 24

Defense wins the championship, and so do the players who made it to the sideline, safe, blocked the best corner of the game, etc., too. Check back on that list soon after the NFL and EA reveal all the slots this week. By far, Derwin James at 95 OVR is the highest rated defender.

99 . club

Justin Jefferson – WR

Our first reveal of the Madden 24 99 Club is perhaps the most obvious choice. Minnesota Vikings star wide receiver Justin Jefferson had an absolutely phenomenal season in 2022, going over 1,800 yards and arguably the best catch of the year against the Buffalo Bills in week nine. Jefferson has established himself as one of, if not the top scorer in all of football, and his status in the 99 Club will be cemented for years to come.



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