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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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It Lives Inside Trailer: Neon’s New Horror Movie Is Loaded With Bone-Twisting Scares

It’s probably a good idea not to break open creepy, dark jars that contain demonic spirits. Because doing so seems to lead to lots of terror in It Lives Inside, an upcoming horror movie from Neon.

The new It Lives Inside trailer–seen below–shows high school protagonist Sam (played by Megan Suri) being warned that stories from her childhood are indeed real. That leads to her asking her mom (portrayed by Neera Bajwa) about the Pishach, a Hindu and Buddhist mythological demon. She tells Sam that it doesn’t kill you quickly, but instead “feeds on you slowly, and when it’s ready, it eats your soul.”

The Pishach appears to also like twisting and contorting bodies in It Lives Inside. The unsettling movements look quite similar to what Vecna does to his victims in Stranger Things: Season 4.

According to the official synopsis for It Lives Inside, Sam “must come to terms with her heritage” to counter the Pishach. She apparently starts the movie ignoring her Indian culture to conform with what’s popular at school.

Neon is not new to the horror genre, previously involved with Titane and Possessor, among other films. It Lives Inside is directed by Bishal Dutta and will premiere in theaters September 22.

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