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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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How To Change Your Appearance In Starfield

In Starfield, you’re the center of a massive universe, so it’s best you create a character you can stand to look at for the lengthy game. The character creation options run deep, but if you find yourself having regrets later in your playthrough, don’t worry. You can change your character’s appearance. Here’s what you need to know about the Enhance shop in Starfield and giving yourself a serious makeover.

Starfield – how to change your appearance

Should you find yourself looking for a fresh start, physically speaking, you’re in luck: Changing your appearance in Starfield is faster, easier, and cheaper than it is in real life–short of just shaving off your eyebrows, I guess.

To change your character’s face and/or body in Starfield, simply head to the Enhance store. You’ll find one easily accessible on New Atlantis, the hub of human civilization in Starfield’s world. This is the first place you’ll visit early in the game. Here’s how to find the Enhance store once you’re running around New Atlantis:

  • When you dock your ship, head for the Commercial District (if you’re not already there), most easily reached by taking public transportation directly to the district.
  • When you step off the train, run straight ahead and past the stairs and Infinity Ltd. store to your left.
  • Just after Infinity Ltd., you’ll see a store resembling that in the image below, featuring a receptionist sitting in front of a blue and yellow sign featuring artistic illustrations of a person’s face.
  • Speak to the receptionist and pay 500 credits to change your appearance, name, and any other features available during character creation. No portion of your character is set in stone after you’ve begun the game.
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How about you ENHANCE that desk with some knick-knacks, my dude?
How about you ENHANCE that desk with some knick-knacks, my dude?

Note that the price does not increase for repeated use, and it won’t take long before 500 credits is merely pocket change to your character, so you’ll be able to affordably change your character’s look as often as you are willing to make the trip to New Atlantis.

For more on Bethesda’s massive space RPG, find it all in our Starfield guides hub.



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