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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Get A Free PS5 Game With The DualSense Edge Controller

DualSense Edge is an excellent professional style controller. Offering adjustable triggers, interchangeable sticks, a mapable back button, and premium build quality, it’s the perfect fit for anyone who wants complete control over their favorite games. It’s especially well-suited to competitive games like first-person shooters, as its ability to shorten the trigger firing distance improves your response time. The gamepad’s only drawback is its $200 price tag. Antonline physical version of Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut for PS5 when purchasing DualSense Edge.

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In addition to allowing you to change trigger launch distance, the DualSense Edge also benefits from mapable back buttons, a replaceable club module, a changeable club cap, the ability to save up to four control profiles, and a lockable braided USB cable that keeps it from coming loose during intense gaming sessions. It’s compatible with the official DualSense charging station (and many third-party options)–so if you have a charging station for your existing DualSense, you won’t need to rush to buy new accessories.

Bài đánh giá DualSense Edge của chúng tôi cho thấy đây là một “bộ điều khiển nặng hơn được sản xuất rất tốt, hài lòng, cung cấp nhiều chuông và còi [we’d] want from a high-end controller.” It’s also incredibly well built and should last for the entire life of the PS5 if cared for properly.

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, meanwhile, is a great open-world adventure. While the DualSense Edge’s back buttons probably won’t benefit you as much as in a fast-paced online multiplayer game, all PS5 owners should give it a try. It’s a gorgeous game that showcases PS5 hardware and is one of the best PlayStation exclusives of recent years.

Now that you can get a premium controller and an outstanding game for just $200, it’s a great time to upgrade your controller and dive into a new game before releases explode this holiday season.

Speaking of premium PS5 controllers, a limited edition Call of Duty of Victrix Pro BFG, our favorite third-party PS5 controller, has arrived.

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