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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Forza Motorsport Won’t Have Split-Screen And Other Legacy Features For Launch

Microsoft has confirmed that its upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport won’t have split-screen support and two other features from past games at launch.

Turn 10 creative director Chris Esaki said during the Forza monthly video broadcast that the racing game will not feature split-screen, spectator mode, or the ability to race against AI in some multiplayer modes.

“Having players come into a featured multiplayer event and taking player slots, and then spectating? It’s not really the racing we had intended,” Esaki said. “Similarly, racing with AI in featured multiplayer with all its potential impacts on your safety rating also didn’t make a whole lot of sense to have and is not going to be available for us at launch.”

And for split-screen, Esaki said the team’s “heavy investment in pushing our new graphical features and our complete overhaul of the rendering engine, unfortunately made split-screen really difficult to implement, and is also not going to be in for launch.”

Forza Motorsport is not the first big Xbox game to launch without features found in previous games. Halo Infinite launched without campaign co-op or Forge modes, but both have since been added.

Forza Motorsport releases on October 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC. The next big Xbox exclusive, meanwhile, is Starfield, which releases on September 6.

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