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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Eve Online Is Getting Turned Into A Board Game So You Can Betray Your Friends IRL

Eve Online: The Board Game comes just in time for the space MMO’s 20th anniversary. Developer CCP Games will be collaborating with Titan Forge, a tabletop miniatures manufacturer, for the project. According to Polygon, the strategy board game arrives this year in the fall. Both CCP and Titan offered some optimistic insights into the project in their latest news release.

Kickstarter preview for Eve Online: The Board Game
Kickstarter preview for Eve Online: The Board Game

There isn’t much about Eve Online: The Board Game out in the open yet. Titan Forge posted about the project as a Kickstarter page on its account, where you can sign up for email notifications right now. The Kickstarter page itself is relatively bare with just a preview of the board game’s hexagonal map pieces, cards, and colorful miniatures. It also has label about the board game “coming soon.”

“With its player-driven gameplay and complex virtual economy, EVE Online lends itself organically to a compelling board game experience,” said CCP’s brand director Grant Tasker (via Polygon). “As we celebrate two decades of EVE Online, Titan Forge understands New Eden’s enduring legacy and is equipped to bring our iconic spaceship MMO to a different medium while maintaining its signature elements.”

Eve Online isn’t inherently betrayal-heavy, but there have been some legendary hoodwinks over the years. One famous incident saw in-game ships estimated at thousands of dollars in real-world value destroyed. Also, your goal is galactic conquest, so your friends will have to move over for your expanding empire.

Eve Online is available to play for free on PC.

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