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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Emily Blunt Is “So Ready” For Edge Of Tomorrow 2, But Will It Ever Get Made?

Actress Emily Blunt is hopeful that a sequel to the cult classic sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live Die Repeat) gets made one day, but there are no guarantees.

Blunt, who starred in the movie alongside Tom Cruise, said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast that she is “so ready” for a sequel. If there are any sticking points to the movie happening one day, it’s not her. “I’m not the impediment, I promise,” she said, as reported by IGN.

Blunt said she read a script for a sequel sent to her by Doug Liman, who directed the first Edge of Tomorrow, but it might be a longshot. “I wish there could be one,” Blunt said of a sequel.

“I would love to make it a reality, but I just don’t know when or how–how many Mission Impossibles does [Tom Cruise] need? Come on!” she said.

Whereas many sequels go bigger, Liman previously said he wanted to make a “more character-driven” movie with a potential Edge of Tomorrow sequel. “I get sometimes the sequel just has to have more firepower or more explosions but no visual effect is going to top what you’re going to get from a great scene performed by Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt,” Liman said.

The writer-director said whether or not a sequel gets made may come down to the availability of Cruise and Blunt.

“It’s one of these things where if Tom, Emily, and I were to say, ‘We’re ready to pull the trigger on this script,’ it’s Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, the film gets made,'” Liman said. “That’s pretty much how Hollywood works. The stars are the gatekeepers. If you can get Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to commit to the movie, it’s going to happen.”

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Liman has a number of projects in the works, including a movie that will send Cruise into space via a partnership with NASA and SpaceX.



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