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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Destiny 2’s PvP Is Expanding With A New Map And Mode Next Season

In a new state of the game address, Bungie has detailed some of the changes coming to the PvP section of the game in Season 22 and beyond. While Destiny 2’s multiplayer modes have been regularly tweaked and enhanced with matchmaking changes, a revamp of Trials of Osiris, sweeping changes to Iron Banner, and the launch of Competitive Division, players are still looking for more content in the form of new maps and more-rewarding ritual activities.

In Season 22, Bungie will be responding to that feedback with a new Vex Network-themed map, a new Relic 6v6 mode, a gunplay-focused Checkmate modifier for multiple modes, and a new Competitive Ascendant Division emblem alongside more content.

The new map, Multiplex, is described as an asymmetrical map using a Vex environment, a location that looks like it was pulled from the Lightfall campaign. “Although many of us had been thinking about a lo-fi Vex map for the Crucible, the challenge of this palette was the possible lack of player orientation in the play space,” Bungie explained. “We thought bringing the Mars palette into the Vex Network realm would be a great way to mitigate this while adding an evocative look. Narratively, the space is in the middle of compiling the Infinite Forest, so this is what you’ll see in action.”

The new Multiplex map
The new Multiplex map

The new Relic mode will bring back several of the memorable weapons from previous seasons, like the Aegis from Vault of Glass, the Synaptic Spear from Season of the Risen, and the Scythe from Season of the Haunted. Players will be able to wield these powerful artifacts against their fellow Guardians in 6v6 competition by charging their personal relic energy. By defeating opponents with their normal loadout, players can deposit that energy in a relic depot to acquire the weapon, and more points can be earned by defeating relic holders.

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Bungie says that Relic is intended to provide lighthearted gameplay that can be enjoyed by anyone, similar to Mayhem and Team Scorched, and will be available in Crucible Labs for several weeks throughout the season. For the Checkmate modifier, Bungie says that this mod will enhance Primary weapon damage to give PvP a different feel. This has been designed to not feel jarring, while other facets of the Destiny 2 experience have been changed. This modifier will essentially make players focus on their firearm skills, as all ability cooldowns are lengthened and all Special ammunition must be earned via gameplay as those green bricks will not be dropped on death.

Bungie says that it’ll continue to improve matchmaking and it’ll be adding loose Fireteam Matchmaking to the Crucible rotators, including Labs, in Season 22. More details on PvP changes will be coming in a future blog update, and players can look forward to a new Iron Banner mode for Season 23 and more weapon rewards being added to the Crucible arsenal. Beyond PvP, Bungie is also working on more quality-of-life updates for Destiny 2, a small overhaul to Gambit, and several ritual activity changes.



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