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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Destiny 2: The Final Shape – Release Date, New Exotics, And Everything We Know

Destiny’s last decade of storytelling will come to a head in 2024, as The Final Shape expansion brings an end to the Light and Darkness saga. In The Final Shape, The Witness is on the verge of victory, Cayde-6 will mysteriously return, and the biggest battle in Destiny 2’s history will unfold deep within the mysterious structures of the Traveler itself. Beyond what is arguably the most important story in Destiny 2, The Final Shape will also see a number of new systems, gameplay changes, and a revamped post-launch structure.

From new Exotics to powerful weapon upgrades, the introduction of an episodic approach to long-term storytelling and a look at some of the new Supers that can be wielded, here’s everything that we know about The Final Shape so far.

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape release date and platforms
  • Journey into the Pale Heart of the Traveler
  • New Supers and Aspects
    • Solar Warlocks: Song of Flame
    • Void Titans: Twilight Arsenal
    • Arc Hunters: Storm’s Edge
  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape raid
  • Destiny 2: The Final Shape dungeons
  • Subjugators will make you sweat
  • The Final Shape Exotics and weapons
  • The Final Shape isn’t the end of Destiny 2
  • Destiny 2 Episodes
  • The Final Shape preorders
  • Fireteam Power

Destiny 2: The Final Shape release date and platforms

The Final Shape will launch on February 27, 2024. As usual, you can experience this Destiny 2 expansion on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Journey into the Pale Heart of the Traveler

After a decade of gazing at the sky, The Final Shape will take players into the Pale Heart of the Traveler for a final showdown with The Witness. Described by Bungie as a realm of infinite possibilities that is born both from the power of Light and the memories of the Darkness, the Pale Heart has been transformed by The Witness after it spent multiple months working on its grand plan to bring about the titular Final Shape of the universe.

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Bungie calls the Pale Heart its first linear destination, a more focused area to explore that will have a clear path for players to follow. Designed to feel both familiar and unsettling, the Pale Heart will become more dangerous the further you venture into it, and once The Final Shape campaign has been completed, new secrets and activities will be available to discover.

New Supers and Aspects

Titans get to axe some hard questions.
Titans get to axe some hard questions.

The last few years of Destiny 2 have seen some big changes to the power wielded by Guardians, as Darkness subclasses of Stasis and Strand have been introduced while the Light-based powers have been revamped. In The Final Shape, those signature Light subclasses will be enhanced with new Supers and Aspects.

Solar Warlocks: Song of Flame

Solar Warlocks will have a fascinating new option that looks to compete with Well of Radiance (which might be getting nerfed) in the support category, as Song of Flame turns the space wizards into the ultimate expression of that subclass. Using that Super, Warlocks can obliterate waves of enemies with overcharged abilities and buff their allies with Scorch for their Solar weapons. The new Warlock Aspect can create a Solar Soul when using a class ability, which can be used to burn enemies from a distance.

Void Titans: Twilight Arsenal

Titans are also leaning into team support with their new Void Super, Twilight Arsenal. The first stage of this Super revolves around Titans summoning three Void axes that are then thrown into the ground, disintegrating enemies when struck. Any survivors or lingering enemies will then be damaged over time as the axes pull them in, but the best part of this Super is that nearby Guardians can pick these axes up and use them in battle. For the Void Aspect, Titans can consume their grenade to create a moving shield that absorbs enemy attacks and then releases that stored energy in a massive area-of-effect attack.

Arc Hunters: Storm’s Edge

Hunters are going to be more agile and lethal than ever before. Storm’s Edge is an Arc Super in which a Hunter summons an electrified dagger that can be thrown and then used for an instant teleport on impact. When the Hunter materializes, they’ll perform a powerful whirling strike for massive damage. This attack can be used three times in total, allowing for agile movement on the battlefield. For their Arc Aspect, Hunters can consume their class ability while airborne, which propels them further into the air. From this position, Hunters can hit enemies with a damaging Jolt debuff, enter an Amplified state, and apply that boost to nearby allies.

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Destiny 2: The Final Shape raid

Exact details on The Final Shape raid haven’t been revealed yet, but Bungie did tease that PvE activity will see Guardians confront The Witness and finish it off, once and for all.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape dungeons

Bungie has confirmed that two dungeons will be released during the year of The Final Shape.

Subjugators will make you sweat

If you thought Tormentors were dangerous in Lightfall, then get ready to sweat when Subjugators enter the scene. Inspired by the first Disciple, Rhulk, Subjugators come in two types, each one wielding a Darkness power. Stasis Subjugators can slow, freeze, and shatter you, while the rare Strand Subjugator uses proximity mines, suspension, and projectile attacks from that Darkness power to sever your conenction to life itself.

The Final Shape Exotics and weapons

Make some space for new gear in your vault.
Make some space for new gear in your vault.

It wouldn’t be a Destiny 2 expansion without some new Exotics, and for The Final Shape, Bungie plans to enhance player arsenals with new weapon subfamilies and perks.

You can get one of these Final Shape Exotics right now as part of a preorder bonus, as an early order of the game and its Annual Pass unlocks the fusion rifle Tessellation. The damage output of this weapon is influenced by your equipped subclass element, allowing players to run an all-Strand or all-Stasis build for the first time. It can also consume your grenade to load a single projectile that can create a huge high-damage elemental explosion on impact.

While Bungie is keeping details on other Exotics a close secret, the studio did tease that a few classics will be returning. The Dragon’s Breath Exotic rocket launcher, the customizable Khvostov Exotic auto rifle, and the incredibly deadly Red Death are all returning for The Final Shape.

Beyond those Exotics, Bungie has also teased that it’ll be shaking up its weapons, creating guns that aren’t just focused on inflicting damage. An example of this new direction is a legendary-class auto rifle that’ll debut next year, a support weapon that can fire healing rounds into players. Bungie also teased a sidearm that shoots homing rockets.

The Final Shape isn’t the end of Destiny 2

The Final Shape is the final chapter in the Light and Darkness saga, but expect Destiny 2 to live on long after it concludes. Bungie plans to tell more stories in that universe, and new episodic content will flesh out the franchise with more adventures and quests.

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Destiny 2 Episodes

Destiny 2: The Final Shape episodes
Destiny 2: The Final Shape episodes

For the last couple of years, Destiny 2 has used a seasonal model to tell new stories between expansions. Usually running for three months at a time, this seasonal structure will be retired for an episodic approach after The Final Shape launches. Destiny 2’s first three episodes–Echoes, Revenant, and Heresy–will consist of three acts each, and each act will run for six weeks. Echoes won’t be available right away, as Bungie plans to launch this episode some time after The Final Shape arrives so that players can focus on its campaign.

These Episodes will be focused on the consequences and the aftermath of The Final Shape, and are designed to deliver more frequent story beats while telling standalone stories in the Destiny 2 universe. There’ll also be new quests, new rewards to earn, and more content to consume, giving players more activities to take part in.

Each episode will come with its own Exotic weapon and mission, activities, weapons, artifact mods, pass ranks, and other rewards. Season passes will still be available, with 100 ranks available with the first act of each episode, and 50 more being added for Act 2 and 3. New acts will also introduce an expansion to each Episode’s artifact.

The Final Shape preorders

The Final Shape collector's edition
The Final Shape collector’s edition

Bungie announced multiple versions of the expansion, including versions that come bundled with The Final Shape Annual Pass, as well as a collector’s edition of The Final Shape that comes with an adorable model of the Vanguard Tower from Destiny. For more details, you can check out our preorder guide for The Final Shape.

Fireteam Power

One of the new systems that Bungie will be adding to make Destiny 2 more approachable is Fireteam Power. Essentially, this levels the playing field for all players regardless of their Power level. The fireteam member with the highest Power level will boost the rest of the team close to their level for as long as they remain in that activity, giving new and low-powered players a chance to take part in Nightfall strikes, Legend lost sectors, and other high-level matchmade activities.



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