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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Destiny 2 Is Finally Increasing The Cap On Masterwork Materials In Season 22

Bungie has outlined some of the changes that Destiny 2 players can expect when Season 22 launches in August, as the studio will be focusing on tweaking its in-game economy. Post-match rewards for strikes, Crucible, and Gambit activities will be more consistent, with ritual engrams related to that activity being more likely to drop within their respective playlists.

Bungie explained that new ritual weapons will be able to be focused on their respective vendors as soon as they’re available in the game, giving players more motivation to work toward these rewards. Overall, Bungie aims to make time spent in specific activities more rewarding.

For the Season 22 weapons, Bungie is adding new submachine guns, sniper rifles, and more to the loot pool. Bungie also teased that a “certain type” type of hand cannon is coming back and will become a new weapon archetype inside of Destiny 2. Players can expect to add the following weapons to their arsenals, next season:


  • Unending Tempest — Stasis Submachine Gun


  • Luna Regolith III — Solar Sniper Rifle


  • Qua Xaphan V — Void Machine Gun


  • Warden’s Law — Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • Holless-IV — Solar Precision Bow

Iron Banner

  • The Guiding Sight — Strand Scout Rifle
  • Point of the Stag — Arc Bow

Trials of Osiris

  • Igneous Hammer — Solar Hand Cannon
  • Cataphract GL3 — Strand Heavy Grenade Launcher

The other big change in Season 22 is a new cap on Masterwork materials, as Bungie will be tripling the limit on just how many Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Alloys, and Enhancement Prisms that players can keep in their inventory. According to the studio, one of the reasons why its increasing the material cap is because it removes the risk of losing these valuable resources at the Postmaster. These materials will behave like Glimmer from Season 22, as once the material cap has been reached, players will no longer receive any more of the items until they are below the cap.

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This also means that players will no longer be able to store excess materials at the Postmaster, and at the same time, any materials that you do have in storage with that vendor will not be lost when Season 22 begins.

Ascendant Shard

  • Old cap: 10
  • New cap: 30

Ascendant Alloy

  • Old cap: 10
  • New cap: 30

Enhancement Prism

  • Old cap: 50
  • New cap: 100

With Season 22 launching on August 22, Destiny 2 players are currently grinding away in Solstice before the new seasonal content goes live. Recent changes have seen some tweaks made to several weapons, a big buff for the Exotic pulse rifle Graviton Lance, and join-in-progress for Deep Dives has finally been activated.



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