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Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Bungie’s Approach To Destiny 2 PvP Is Changing

After Bungie posted a Destiny 2 State of the Game update that received some big pushback from players, game director Joe Blackburn uploaded an almost 17-minute vlog in which he responded to community criticism. In it, Blackburn apologized for recent decisions from Bungie, promised a major increase in new PvP content, and addressed several other complaints.

The biggest point of criticism from Destiny 2 players in the wake of Bungie’s big update on the game was the studio implying that it simply didn’t have the resources to deliver a more regular flow of PvP content, a section of Destiny 2 that has become notorious for being drip-fed new maps and modes over the years. Blackburn explained that Bungie is now aiming to deliver a big drop of new maps in 2024, which will be free for all Destiny 2 players.

“Next year we’re going to change our philosophy. Instead of a slow trickle of maps throughout the year, we’re going to focus our efforts into a single map pack that’s free for everyone,” Blackburn said. “So imagine new maps coming in one drop, so that we can make a bunch of new experiences that can all be good at specific things and has a big variety in a single drop next year.”

Blackburn also added that there’ll be an increase in available modes in Destiny 2’s core playlists, which will be handled by a dedicated “PvP strike team” that will focus on Destiny 2’s multiplayer offerings while providing an open line of communication to players. According to Blackburn, the team will address community feedback in PvP and will focus on resolving the biggest issues in that mode.

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While that plan is still in the embryonic stage, there will be some new PvP content available in Season 22. Next season will see a new Vex-themed Multiplex map added to the playlist, as well as two new modes. Relic mode will allow you to wield seasonal weapons against your fellow Guardians, and the Checkmate modifier is designed to make players focus on their primary weapon skills in deathmatches.

More details on what to expect from Destiny 2 ahead of the release of The Final Shape expansion will be revealed in the Destiny 2 Showcase on August 22.



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