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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Bandai Namco Does Cool Thing That Most Players Can’t Enjoy

Bandai Namco has created a YouTube channel showcasing music and soundtracks from its various games and franchises.

Bandai Namco uploaded original soundtracks from Code Vein, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, Little Nightmares, Soul Calibur, Tales of Arise, Tekken, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and Park Beyond. “Music is one of the core components that can turn a videogame into an epic journey that will live on in the memories of players forever,” said Bandai Namco chief marketing and sales officer Anthony Macaré in a statement.

He continued, “Opening this Game Music channel is how we get to share the most memorable soundtracks from our games with the greatest number and expand our IPs outside of the videogame world. We wanted our fans to be able to bring those adventures into their daily lives and discover new stories.”

However, it seems like some of the music is region-locked. Americans have reported that they’re only able to view music from Little Nightmares, Park Beyond, and The Dark Pictures. Some of the other franchises like Dark Souls and Tekken appear in other regions.

This isn’t the only example of companies uploading video game soundtracks for free. Last year, Nintendo launched a sound library for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

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