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Friday, April 12, 2024
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Baldur’s Gate 3 – All Underdark Entrances And How To Get In

On the surface, it might seem like the map in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t too big, at least in Act 1. As you continue to explore, though, you have a chance of stumbling upon an entirely different world beneath the surface of the main map. This magical and brightly-colored area is called the Underdark, and it has its own inhabitants, environments, and questlines.

The Underdark is also required to visit Moonrise Towers and progress to Act 2, should you not want to go through the mountain pass. Luckily, there are a few different ways of entering the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3, which you can see in the guide below.

Entering the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3

In total, I have managed to discover four different ways of getting into the Underdark, at least so far. You can see what those four ways are below.

  • The Whispering Depths Dungeon – You can access this dungeon by going down a well right by the Blighted Village waypoint. This well leads to the dungeon that is inhabited by dozens of spiders and the Phase Spider Matriarch, which is considered the final boss. The Matriarch walks around a giant pit that you can hop down and reach the Underdark from as long as you have the Feather Fall spell active.
The entrance to the Whispering Depths dungeon.
The entrance to the Whispering Depths dungeon.
  • The Defiled Temple – This is an area with the Shattered Sanctum at the northwestern Goblin Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3. By going inside the Shattered Sanctum, you can head northwest and into Priestess Gut’s private room. However, you need to get past two goblins and a trader to reach the locked door. You can sneak behind them and unlock the door with a lockpick while remaining hidden or simply fight them and unlock the door after they’re dead. Inside the room, keep going through all of the rooms until you reach the Defiled Temple. You need to solve a stone puzzle on the ground to open the door to the Underdark.
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The stone puzzle inside of the Defiled Temple.
The stone puzzle inside of the Defiled Temple.
  • Auntie Ethel’s Portal – If you traverse the map all the way down south and visit the bog area, you might run into Auntie Ethel in her Teahouse. Depending on what choices you make with Auntie Ethel, you should be able to go behind the fireplace in her house and make your way through the various obstacles that follow. This includes going through a man encased in a tree as well as noxious gas pods. At the end of the tunnels, you will find Auntie Ethel and the woman she has trapped, Myrina, in a cage over a pit. Defeat Auntie Ethel and you can then hop down in the pit that the cage was above. Make sure to use Feather Fall again.
The pit that leads to the Underdark beneath Auntie Ethel's house.
The pit that leads to the Underdark beneath Auntie Ethel’s house.
  • The Zhentarim Hideout Elevator – Finally, the last Underdark entrance is through a small shed that acts as a hideout for a group known as the Zhentarim. You can find this shed inside of the town called Waukeen’s Rest, which is located west of The Risen Road waypoint. Here, go past the burning inn at Waukeen’s Rest and to the left under a covered bridge to find a dead ox on the road. Go north past the ox to find a shed with its doors covered by crates. Move the crates to reveal a door leading to the hideout. Talk your way past the guards and then keep going underground to the north. You will have to lockpick a wardrobe to advance further underground. Eventually, you will reach a point where your party receives a Perception check near a part of the rock wall. This is right under and to the left where Zarys and the other members of the hideout are standing. If you pass the check, an illusory door will be revealed. Go through the door and use a lockpick on the elevator to reach the Underdark.
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The ox you are looking for near the Zhentarim Hideout.
The ox you are looking for near the Zhentarim Hideout.

Once you’re in the Underdark, you will be able to visit the Mycanoid Colony, the Grymforge, the Adamantine Forge, the Arcane Tower, and many more locations. I recommend you be at least level 3-4 before trying to head into the Underdark, though, as the enemies down there can be quite rough if you’re underleveled.

We have many more guides to help you through Baldur’s Gate 3, including romance options, quest guidance, build suggestions, and more. Find everything in our Baldur’s Gate 3 hub.



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